Friday, 23 November 2012

Menus and Flash the Unicorn

I have started work on the HUD this week. I started off just sketching some ideas down on paper and then scanned and worked on them in Photoshop:

The first is robot inspired by having this kind of electrical tape covering it. The colours can be changed at any time to better reflect the game so the yellow and black might not be in the final version. The health bat would close as the player takes damage. When the player dies the health back will close shut.

This is a gears inspired HUD. The health bar would fade in section as the player takes damage.

This HUD is junk inspired. The health bar is made up of scrap metal and junk. When the player takes damage the the junk will fall away.

This is another gears inspired HUD but instead of one gear it has many. The gears for the health will always be turning. When the player takes damage a gear will fall away and the gears will slow down. I also like the item navigation for this HUD set up.

I started making the HUD in flash but only got so far when the majestic creature that flash is decided to freak out and not let me change the rotation options for one of the gears. At that point I rage quit. Damn you flash!!!

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