Thursday, 31 January 2013

Some plant textures.

Made some plant texture this week. And when I say some I mean one and half.

and here is the model with texture:

Thursday, 24 January 2013

volcano cave walls

Above is a screenshot taken from Autodesk Mudbox, showing a quick high poly sculpt, attempting to capture a smooth, rocky surface.


here's a selection of shots from the results gained, will most likely re-sculpt the detail within the wall piece, as this was literally a 5 minute to test to see how the whole thing would look, the resulting normal maps have a harse appearance and obvious tweaking is required to get the aesthetic required,

Custom Chara (Block-Out) / Weapon and 3rd Person Camera+Zoom

- Update on the camera and character block out

Third person animations for the weapon need to be fixed!

3rd Person Camera script available here (courtesy of SyntexError22):

by Mike Rowntree

Sunday, 20 January 2013

asset assortment

 Palm Tree W/coconuts for beach area 

Whole and Broken vase assets for totem village area

Early 3D Chicken Totem render 

Chicken Totem development renders

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Blunder-Blade: Fully-functional!

      Mike Rowntree

Boats update

Blunder-Blade: Base animations for use in UDK

by Mike Rowntree

Blunder-Blade: UV Map

 Initially I was just going to process the mesh into UDK right away but I wanted the gun-blade to have at least a base texture set up for getting started in UDK.

Below is an image of the UV map produced utilising the UV master plug-in for zBrush, keeping just a few of the decently made parts of the map I mapped the other broken islands by hand in Maya, as can be seen in the last UV map image.

 Just to test out the UV resolution before I move ahead I added a bunch of textures to the weapon and rendered these:



     Mike Rowntree

Blunder-Blade Continued...

The static mesh is complete and now its time to move towards producing accurate UV maps for the mesh and also to rig/animate prior to implementation into UDK!


  The rigging is complete and it is now possible to produce some rudimentary animations on the weapon.

    Mike Rowntree

Textures and Caves and terrible lava river

Complete and utter fail this week. I made this:

Texture is 1024x1024 and looks good. Only problem is:

Yeah it looks really bad when you apply it to the terrain via the brush tool. So I need to look into editing the scale of the thing.

You may also notice that I have dug out a trench for the lava to go into. That lava now is just a place holder as far as I am concerned. I tried putting the lava in a number of different ways and they all looked terrible. So now we are going to build a bunch of meshes so that the lava will flow in the trench. Its been a pretty fail week so yeah not good.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Creating the 'Blunder-Blade'

Heres are some current images of its progress status:

Polycount: 2420 *currently*


The entire weapon is being plane-modelled from a set of orthographic concepts used as a guide. 

There is still a considerable amount to do which includes UV Mapping, running the weap through Mudbox for producing my Normal Maps, texturing, rigging, animating, implementation to UDK and finally testing! 

      Mike Rowntree

Lava and heatwave effect...

Been working on our awesome little lava cave. I am home right now but going in early tomorrow to do some work and hopefully get a bit of the cave done. Anywho... LAVA!

Kind of looks like burnt pizza or fire storm clouds but you get it in the engine with the panning node and it aint too bad.

For the material its just the texture with a panning node attached and moving 0.10 speed me thinks...

The heatwave is just a normalmap I was going to use but then didnt. Did a bunch of snazzy stuff and boom we have heatwaves.

Kind of hard to see in the image but the heatwave does work. I am going to upload some more stuff tomorrow so stay tuned.

base mesh development