Sunday, 12 May 2013

Fixed firing location on weapon classes!!!!

Finally managed to find a solution to the firing location on the weapon classes!!!

I simply had to replace this in the weapon classes
(DysfunctionalWeap_BlunderBlade.uc and DysfunctionalWeap_BlunderBladeBot.uc):

simulated function vector InstantFireStartTrace()
    return GetPhysicalFireStartLoc();

With this beautiful selection of code developed by Frankycfurter ( :

simulated function vector GetPhysicalFireStartLoc(optional vector AimDir)
Local SkeletalMeshComponent AttachedMesh;
local vector SocketLocation;
Local DysfunctionalPawn P;

P = DysfunctionalPawn(Owner);
AttachedMesh = P.CurrentWeaponAttachment.Mesh;
AttachedMesh.GetSocketWorldLocationAndRotation(MuzzleFlashSocket, SocketLocation);
return SocketLocation;

And here is the wondrous result in action:

    Mike Rowntree

Monday, 6 May 2013

BuccaneerBots v0.3 - Updated Playthrough!

This updated play-through of the game now includes... enemies, cut-scenes and an end boss!

Enjoy and we look forward to recieving feedback!

A link to the build for you to play this for yourself will be made available very soon!

     Mike Rowntree

Friday, 3 May 2013

water texture

just a wave that comes out from rocks etc which come out of the water.

Updated Verne/Enemies

The updated texture on Verne needed reworking to have a similar color on his body as he did in an earlier version, I made these changes and threw together a texture for the enemy bots 'Randy' on top of the old one.

    Mike Rowntree


So after an entire week of trying to get this thing in we are unsuccessful.

We got it into the game but it just wouldnt work like it should. We have an entire .ini file written that should make it work but it does nothing. We dont know what is wrong with it and nothing seems to be on the UDK forums.