Sunday, 4 November 2012

Epic update...

A 2-min video that spans over 70years of cinema to hopefully highlight the core elements inherent to the design of pirates and whether used in a serious or parody method all have key signatures that are true across the entire medium:

 (most notably the opening shot from Black Swan (1942) to PotC4 (2011). Aside from the advancements in film and technology, the look and feel in the design is indistinguishable from each other)

Also heres some photoshop paint-ons I've been occupying my time woth, outside of researching film and prototyping the ship vehicle class:

Also I was thinking about theming and created this backdrop for slides:

 Below is a series of clips showing the progression of the vehicle class, at the end the ship is working correctly however the model is on its side and the solution is to correct the way the model faces within Maya before exporting as a skeletal mesh. This will be corrected ASAP!

For now though you can see the trials and tribulations that were faced following the implementation of all the assets to the code that was created in one of my previous posts.
(in Parts 1 and 2 of the Vehicle Class Creation tutorials I made)
These problems ranged from; little movement rate, camera issues and model displacement.
By the end of the clip all but the rotational issue of the mesh had been rectified.

    Mike Rowntree

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