Thursday, 1 November 2012

Camera research

The group knew that they wanted a third person camera view but not what position the camera should be in I.E. over the shoulder, high above the character etc. To find the best camera for our game I did some research into some third person games.

Enslaved: Odyssey  to the West

Fig 1: Enslaved Cover

The camera in Enslaved is set to the behind position of the player with full control with the right stick. In doing this research I noticed that the default position for the camera is set up so that you can see the whole character model.

Fig 2: Default camera position

Also in Enslaved the camera will sometime be locked as the player traverses the environment. This is to stop the player from looking the wrong direction when making a jump.

This also applies to other third person games suck as Lollipop chainsaw. Find a image for it though.

Our camera is going to follow a similar style in that the it will have a default position of behind the player and then will switch at sections to better show off the environment or to show the player a point of interest.

Fig 1:
Fig 2:

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