Friday, 9 November 2012

Enemy designs: CrocBots - Blood Jaw

With the new direction that the game is taking we decided that the game would have many different enemy factions. This would let us create a world that would have lots of character. One of the enemy factions that I have designed are called the CrocBots:

The CrocBots come from the island of Louisiana. Due to a natural disaster Louisiana separated from the United States and became its own island with its own government and laws. The robots that inhabit the island  of Louisiana are based around crocodiles and the redneck life style. They are constructed from wood burners and need a constant supply of fire to remain operational. They speak in a southern accent and care little for anything other than themselves and their faction. The leader of the CrocBots is the fearsome Blood Jaw. He is called this as the bottom part of his face is painted red with the blood of his enemies (its not really blood just paint but saying its blood makes for a better story).

The above designs where made to find a look for Blood Jaw. I believe that the third robot is what Blood Jaw would look like but he will need more as I feel he is very bland. The other designs could be used for the other CrocBots in the faction. The grunts in the CrocBots will have white jaws.

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