Saturday, 13 October 2012

Treasure Map Mechanic

So being a pirate game we are going to have treasure. Aaron decided early on that he didnt want to have the usual "Walk 50 paces then turn right at the palm tree" thing so I came up with an idea of having the player use the environment and map to locate treasure. Let me explain in comic format:

The player locates a treasure map that has holes in it. As you can clearly see by the white parts on the map.

The player will have to then look around the environment for a shape that matches the holes on the treasure map.

Matching the map to the palm trees in the environment will allow the player to then dig under the tree. As you can see the holes on the map now fit perfectly with the palm trees in the environment.

The player will then dig under the palm trees and locate the treasure.

Using this form of puzzle instead of the usual "50 paces..." forces the player to explore the environment and enjoy all the hard work Mark is going to do with  modelling the environment and yes I did rip off "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" with the crossed palm tree thing.

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